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Clinical significance of disposable temperature probe


Latest company news about Clinical significance of disposable temperature probe

It has been shown that 36.5 ° C to 37.5 ° C is the average core temperature of the human body and must always be stable, as changes in core temperature may lead to significant changes in vital signs. For example, during anesthesia surgery, hypothermia can lead to a variety of postoperative complications:
Clotting disorders
Decreased metabolic rate
Angina pectoris
Ischemic tissue injury
Myocardial infarction
Therefore, the use of temperature probes for temperature monitoring during anesthesia surgery and continuous monitoring of postoperative patient temperature is particularly important.
In today's healthcare industry, disposable temperature probes are preferred over reusable ones, depending on the benefits and convenience of disposable products in medical activities.
Disposable medical devices are meant to be used for only one operation on one patient and then should be discarded immediately to reduce hospitalisation.
The key to the reuse of reusable medical instruments is to take necessary measures. Doctors and nurses must clean, disinfect and sterilize the instruments according to the instructions or manuals.

Working principle of disposable temperature probe:
The probe for temperature measurement contains a high-precision thermistor, which is a negative temperature resistor. Its impedance changes with the external temperature. The monitor converts the impedance changes of the thermistor into electrical signals and calculates the temperature value through conversion.
Normally, the body keeps its temperature within the normal range through its own thermoregulatory system. Temperature detection is an important part of clinical medical work. Temperature variation has very important clinical significance for diagnosis, diagnosis and analysis of curative effect, which can not be ignored.
Scope of application for patients
The rectum
Reflects the temperature of the hypoperfusion organ
It is beneficial to patients with spinal anesthesia and sedation
The skin
The most commonly used measurement of peripheral temperature site center temperature and peripheral acral skin temperature
The difference was used to judge the severity of shock

 Characteristics and advantages of pray-med disposable body temperature probe
The product passes the biocompatibility test to avoid the risk of allergy.
Imported temperature sensor, accurate, stable, fast reaction speed.
The maximum allowable error is ±0.1℃.
The casing of the body cavity probe is of medical grade material, fully enclosed design, waterproof and moisture-proof. The surface is smooth and more
Easy to implant in the body cavity.
Mylar and foam on the back of the body surface probe prevent interference from external heat sources.
Gold-plated terminals ensure reliable and durable connection.
Do not contain latex
Classification of pray-med Medical disposable temperature sensors
Disposable rectal (intraluminal) temperature probe
Disposable surface temperature probe



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