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Disposable Temperature Probes Are Key To Social Distancing in Hospitals

November 7, 2022

Disposable body temperature probes are key to social distancing in hospitals Disposable body temperature probes not only help maintain social distancing but also help reduce PPE use and reduce the risk of contamination.

A disposable body temperature probe can be used to monitor body temperature very accurately, usually with a 3 m cable that can be connected to the monitoring device cable, so the patient's temperature can be safely read from a distance across the room.


In hospitals, pre-triage requires a portable patient monitor with a temperature detection function and a long interconnect cable. One end of the cable plugs into a monitor, and the patient can pick up a sterile, disposable temperature probe and place it in their ear or stick it under their arm for measurement.

Patients need to be provided with gloves or hand sanitizer for use before and after connecting the probe to the cable to reduce the risk of contamination. After connecting them to a monitor, a nurse can monitor their temperature and ask evaluation questions from a safe distance. This is safer for clinicians and patients.


Because clinicians can perform pre-shunts from a safe distance, they do not need to change PPE between each patient. This saves time, money and valuable hospital resources.


Disposable body temperature probes and long connecting cables are useful not only for pre-social distancing, but also in the ICU. Clinicians can monitor patients continuously to check their temperature and other vital signs, rather than intermittently. They can see the values on the monitor screen in real time at the nurse's station.


Continuous rather than intermittent monitoring of a patient's temperature in the ICU means reduced patient/clinician exposure and the clinician does not need to change personal protective equipment every time his temperature is checked.


Using a disposable body temperature probe and inserting it into a multi-parameter patient monitor provides more accurate readings and reduces patient exposure. This is safer for patients because it is more accurate and safer for clinicians.


Surface temperature sensors, cavity temperature sensors, and universal probes are ideal for continuous temperature monitoring in the ICU and all other rooms equipped with patient monitors.


If a patient monitor is not available in all rooms, the transport monitor can be placed in an unequipped room.

If a patient monitor is not available in all rooms, the transport monitor can be placed in an unequipped room. Constant temperature monitoring can help save lives.


Features and Advantages of Pray-med Disposable body temperature probe:

• Pass biocompatibility tests.

• International famous brand temperature sensor, accurate, stable, fast reaction speed.

• The maximum allowable error is ±0.1℃ within the measurement range.

• Body temperature probes are made of medical-grade materials, and the sensors are fully enclosed, waterproof and moisture-proof.

• Mylar film and foam on the back of body probe to prevent interference from external heat sources.

• Gold plated hardware surface, better connectivity, to ensure stable signal transmission.

• The materials used are latex free