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Hypertensive "heart" knowledge


Latest company news about Hypertensive

Mention hypertension, we all know, to regularly monitor blood pressure, pay close attention to blood pressure changes, but the vast majority of people do not know is that hypertension patients in addition to monitoring blood pressure, but also pay attention to regular monitoring of the ECG!


Why should hypertension measure ECG?


Hypertension is the most common chronic noninfectious disease, and also the largest cause of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. At present, cardiovascular death accounts for more than 40% of the total deaths, among which 50% of myocardial infarction is related to hypertension, and 40%~50% of heart failure is due to hypertension. For patients with a long history of hypertension, if hypertension is not controlled for a long time, it will increase the heart load. Over time, the heart muscle will be hypertrophy, oxygen consumption will increase, resulting in myocardial strain and myocardial ischemia, and long-term development may lead to coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, cardiac insufficiency, heart failure and other conditions. And heart abnormalities may also lead to inaccurate blood pressure measurements!


"Multidisciplinary Expert Consensus on Heart Rate Management in Hypertensive Patients in China (2021 edition)" points out that when arrhythmia, especially atrial fibrillation, pulse palpation, electronic sphygmomanometer or ambulate blood pressure measurement may cause errors, and patients are advised to use home automatic sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure while recording heart rate.


Therefore, through the monitoring of electrocardiogram, the abnormal condition of the heart can be diagnosed in time, but also can reflect the condition of the patient's blood pressure, to provide a favorable basis for diagnosis and treatment.


What signal does hypertension cause heart disease?


1. Cyanosis


High blood pressure will seriously affect their own circulatory system, because the blood is not smooth, there will be local ischemia and hypoxia. If the location of the lesion is in the heart, it may cause obvious symptoms of the whole body and limbs, including the blueness of the skin mucous membranes and the extremities.


2. Short of breath


In light activity or immobility, breathing difficulties or shortness of breath and other conditions, sometimes accompanied by cough, expectoration, this is generally caused by left heart dysfunction symptoms.


3. Edema of lower limbs


Lower limb edema is the main manifestation of right heart dysfunction, which is generally visible lower limb edema, finger pressure will have obvious depression, and the skin rebound speed is slow. In severe cases, the skin may not bounce back and will feel tight when touched.


4, jugular vein rage


Jugular vein is a blue vein on the clavicle extending to the direction of the earlobe. It is generally the thickness of the little finger. If it is only visible in the form of anger, it is generally caused by right heart insufficiency.


5. Suddenly stand up


This situation is generally in the angina attack period, belongs to a forced position, work or when walking suddenly attack angina pectoris, the general body will be broken, immediately stop activities, but also involuntary hand to hold the anterior heart area, until the pain relief can again activity.


6. Compulsive squatting


Compulsive squatting is generally in this type of dry congenital heart disease, due to the occurrence of palpitations and asthma symptoms, only squat to slightly relieve symptoms, is a typical manifestation of this heart disease.


7. Special face


Patients with chronic high blood pressure, blood circulation and physical quality will be reduced, so it is natural to have a special appearance. If the heart disease has occurred to an advanced stage, the appearance of the disease is generally pale and purple, is the expression of insufficient blood supply, if the face is dark red, is the characteristic of rheumatic heart disease mitral valve stenosis.



  • So check your blood pressure regularly and take care of your health

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