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I Thought The EKG Was Lying Down? Why Do People Do ECG Tests On Treadmills And Bikes?


Latest company news about I Thought The EKG Was Lying Down? Why Do People Do ECG Tests On Treadmills And Bikes?

Electrocardiogram everyone is familiar with, hands and feet on the clamp, chest connected with electrodes, lying equal nurse test can be. This is a traditional static electrocardiogram, but there are also tests that require you to run on a treadmill or ride a bike to measure the electrocardiogram. Why would you do that? Patients with coronary heart disease should know.


Ekg on a treadmill and a spinning bike

There are many kinds of electrocardiograms. There are resting electrocardiograms during routine physical examination, and there are also electrocardiograms during exercise. This is the exercise stress test. The ECGexercisetest (exercisetest) is an exercisetest to increase the heart load through exercise and to increase the oxygen consumption of the heart muscle. It is commonly used in the diagnosis, differential diagnosis and prognostic evaluation of coronary heart disease and other diseases.


Why should this examination method be carried out in the state of exercise? What diseases can be detected? What are the precautions? Let's take a look.


Why can't the ECG be done quietly?


Many heart problems do not occur when patients are emotionally stable and quiet. Because the body's need for blood is not high in the quiet state, even coronary heart disease is difficult to develop symptoms of myocardial ischemia, such as chest pain. Therefore, treadmill and cycling can increase the burden of the heart and increase the oxygen consumption of the myocardium, thus resulting in a state of myocardial ischemia. The blood supply capacity of the heart can be judged comprehensively according to the amount of exercise, clinical manifestations, hemodynamics and electrocardiogram responses.


Who needs an exercise stress test?


▲ People with chest pain

In people who are unsure of the cause of chest pain, exercise tests can be used to rule out whether the chest pain is caused by coronary heart disease.


▲ High-risk groups of coronary heart disease

Because people at high risk of coronary heart disease may have occult coronary heart disease, exercise load test is one of the effective methods to assist the diagnosis.


▲ Arrhythmia population

Exercise test is an examination method of whole-course ECG monitoring, which can be used for screening of arrhythmia.


▲ Patients after myocardial infarction

Exercise tests in patients after myocardial infarction can be evaluated as follows:


1. Risk stratification and prognosis assessment of patients;

2. Cardiac function reserve of the amount of exercise of patients after discharge, including housework and workload assessment, as well as the assessment of exercise as a comprehensive reduction of cardiac risk and cardiac rehabilitation;

3. Evaluate the adequacy of the patient's medication and the need for additional diagnostic or therapeutic measures.


Is the inspection expensive?

The cost of exercise test is generally between 150 and 300 yuan, the price is moderate, but the specific price and reimbursement should be based on the specific policy of the hospital where the patient is located.

Contraindications and recommendations for exercise testing

Note that not all people are suitable for the treadmill test. Exercise treadmill test should not be performed if:


1. Acute myocardial infarction;

2. Patients with severe arterial stenosis;

3, acute myocarditis or pericarditis;

4. High-risk unstable angina pectoris;

5. Congestive heart failure;

6. Severe arrhythmia;

7. Severe hypertension, blood pressure ≥160/90mmHg;

8. Patients with electrolyte disorder;

9. Mental and physical conditions do not permit exercise;

10. All kinds of acute infectious diseases and drug poisoning.


It can be seen that although exercise test can detect and evaluate coronary heart disease and monitor and record ECG, it is not suitable for all patients, and exercise test cannot be performed in many special cases and some patients. Therefore, for their own need to do exercise test, must follow the doctor's opinion, under the doctor's guidance for their own relevant examination, as well as early diagnosis and treatment of disease.


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