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New 10: Asymptomatic, Mild Illness Can Be At Home, Cross Regional Flow Without Checking The Health Code, Do Not Need To Land Inspection


Latest company news about New 10: Asymptomatic, Mild Illness Can Be At Home, Cross Regional Flow Without Checking The Health Code, Do Not Need To Land Inspection

Member units of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism (Leading group and headquarters) of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps for COVID-19 response, and the mechanism of The State Council for COVID-19 Response:


Recently, all localities and departments have thoroughly implemented the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council, adhered to the ninth edition of the prevention and control plan, implemented 20 optimization measures, and continued to rectify the problem of increasing layers, with positive results. In light of the current epidemic situation and the mutation of the virus, in order to make the prevention and control work more scientific and precise, and effectively solve the outstanding problems in the prevention and control work, we hereby notify the following matters concerning further optimization and implementation of the epidemic prevention and control measures:


First, scientifically and accurately delineate risk areas. High risk zones shall be delimited according to building, unit, floor and household, and shall not be arbitrarily extended to residential districts, communities, streets (towns) and other areas. No form of temporary containment shall be adopted.


Second, further optimize nucleic acid detection. Nucleic acid testing will not be carried out by all personnel in administrative regions, and the scope and frequency of nucleic acid testing will be further reduced. Antigen testing may be carried out according to the needs of epidemic prevention. Employees in high-risk positions and personnel in high-risk areas shall undergo nucleic acid testing in accordance with relevant regulations, and other personnel are willing to be fully tested. Except for nursing homes, welfare homes, medical institutions, nursing homes, primary and secondary schools and other special places, they are not required to provide a negative nucleic acid test certificate and do not check the health code. Important organs, large enterprises and some specific places can determine their own prevention and control measures. The negative nucleic acid test certificate and health code will no longer be checked for trans-regional mobile workers, and landing inspections will no longer be carried out.


Third, optimize and adjust the isolation mode. Infected people should be treated in a scientific manner. Asymptomatic infected people and mild cases who are qualified for home isolation are generally quarantined at home, or they can voluntarily choose to be placed in centralized isolation and treatment. Health monitoring should be strengthened during home isolation, and the Ct value of nucleic acid detection should be ≥35 for two consecutive times on the sixth and seventh day of isolation. Patients with worsening conditions should be transferred to designated hospital for treatment in time. Close contacts who are qualified for home quarantine should be quarantined at home for 5 days, or they can voluntarily choose to be quarantined at a centralized level, and be released after a negative nucleic acid test on the fifth day.


Fourth, we will implement the "fast sealing and quick solution" for high-risk areas. If there is no high risk of new infection for 5 consecutive days, it should be unsealed in time.


Fifth, we will ensure the people's basic demand for medicine. Local pharmacies should operate normally and not be shut down at will. People should not be restricted from purchasing over-the-counter medicines such as antipyretic, cough, antiviral and cold medicines online or offline.


Sixth, accelerate the vaccination of the elderly against COVID-19. Local governments should adhere to the principle of full coverage, focus on raising the vaccination rate of people aged 60-79, and speed up the increase of the vaccination rate of people aged 80 and above, and make special arrangements. Through the establishment of green channels for the elderly, temporary vaccination sites, mobile vaccination vehicles and other measures to optimize vaccination services. Training on inoculation contraindications should be carried out step by step to guide medical staff to determine inoculation contraindications scientifically. The whole society should be mobilized to participate in the mobilization of the elderly to vaccinate. Local governments can take incentive measures to mobilize the initiative of the elderly to vaccinate.


Seventh, we will strengthen the health survey and classified management of key groups. We will give full play to the role of grassroots medical and health institutions as "gatekeepers" for the health of family doctors, get a clear picture of the elderly with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, COPD, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, tumors, immune deficiency and other diseases and their vaccination status, and promote graded and classified management.


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