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What Are Some Ways To Measure Oxygen Saturation?


Latest company news about What Are Some Ways To Measure Oxygen Saturation?

Methods of measuring oxygen saturation include:

Pulse oximeter

Blood gas test

Pulse oximeter



What is a pulse oximeter?

Oxygen is carried in human red blood cells by a molecule called hemoglobin. Pulse oximeter measures the amount of oxygen carried by hemoglobin in the blood. This is called oxygen saturation and is a percentage (out of 100). It is a simple, painless test that is usually measured using a blood-oxygen sensor placed on the tip of your finger or on your earlobe. For example, Yumi Medical provides finger clip blood oxygen probe, soft finger sleeve blood oxygen probe, ear clip blood oxygen probe, disposable blood oxygen probe.



What is the use of pulse oximeter?

People with lung disease may have lower than normal blood oxygen levels, so a pulse oximeter can help diagnose if there is a problem.


The more damaged your lungs are, the more likely you are to have oxygen problems. Pulse oximeters can also be used to measure how badly a person's lungs have been affected.


It can also be used to measure your oxygen levels over a period of time, such as during exercise such as walking or while asleep.




How to prepare for pulse oximeter test?

Nail polish or fake nails can block light and affect reading results. Therefore, it is necessary to clean your nails when taking measurements in order to obtain accurate results.


Pulse oximetry results can be affected by medical conditions including anemia and Raynaud's syndrome.


The working principle of pulse oximeter


A pulse oximeter measures how much light is absorbed into your blood. This tells us how much oxygen is in our blood.


The pulse oximeter emits two beams of light through your finger tip or earlobe: a red one and an infrared one.


Blood with a lot of oxygen absorbs more infrared light and lets more red light through.


Blood without enough oxygen absorbs more red light and lets more infrared light through.


If blood cells don't have enough oxygen, they appear bluer.

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Can a pulse oximeter test be performed at home?


The portable finger clip oximeter can be used for self-testing at home. In the post-COVID-19 era, the domestic nail oximeter market is in full swing and has become a must-have product for families. The finger clamp oximeter produced under the supervision of Pray-med has many advantages: 4 main parameters, OLED screen, quick measurement of 5S value, anti-motion function, comfortable to wear, high quality and low price. Please contact our sales representative for consultation and purchase.


What about the measurement results?


The oximeter display displays the percentage of oxygen in the blood. For healthy people, normal oxygen saturation levels are around 95-100%.

If oxygen levels fall below this, it indicates lung problems. People with low oxygen levels may need extra oxygen or other treatment. Your healthcare professional will discuss this with you.

Current guidelines recommend that people with a resting stable oxygen saturation of 92% or less should be referred for a blood gas assessment to determine whether oxygen therapy is appropriate.


A change in oxygen levels could mean that your lungs are in worse shape.


For patients with pneumonia and children with lung problems, oxygen saturation helps determine the need for hospitalization.




What happens if the tests show low oxygen levels?


If the monitoring results show low oxygen saturation, the patient should start oxygen therapy, and after oxygen therapy, the blood oxygen saturation is checked again to see if it is normal.


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