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7 Pin Non OXI Pulse Oximeter Sensor Finger Clip Adult Patient Suit

7 Pin Non OXI Pulse Oximeter Sensor Finger Clip Adult Patient Suit

spo2 sensor probe

spo2 probe sensor

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Product Details
Cable Length:
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Cable Connector:
7 Pin
1 Year
End Type:
Finger Clip / Soft Tip / Neonate Wrap / Animal Clip
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Minimum Order Quantity
according to the quantity
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5-7 work days
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T / T, Western Union, ,
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Product Description

N200 7pin non-OXI adult finger clip spo2 sensor, reusable spo2 sensor


Product Description


Cable Color Gray
Cable Material TPU Jacket
Category SpO2 Sensor probe
Certifications CE/ISO
Connector Distal Male 7-Pin D-Sub Connector
Connector Proximal Adult Clip
Latex-free Yes
Packaging Type Bag
Packaging Unit 1
Patient Size Adult (>40Kg)
SpO2 Technology OxiSmart
Total Cable Length 0.9m
Warranty 12 months


when you select the pulse oximeter probe Spo2 sensor, please check carefully the below points:

1) whether the Spo2 sensor connector is really compatible to your patient monitor socket,such as 5pin or 6pin.

2)whether the patient terminal is the right type you want? Snap or clip?

the probe is used for the right people? such as for adult or neonate.

7 Pin Non OXI  Pulse Oximeter Sensor Finger Clip Adult Patient Suit 0

7 Pin Non OXI  Pulse Oximeter Sensor Finger Clip Adult Patient Suit 1

7 Pin Non OXI  Pulse Oximeter Sensor Finger Clip Adult Patient Suit 2



Manufacturer Model
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Artema SW Diascope
Bionet BM3, BM3 Plus
Bionics BPM-200
Biosys BPM-200, SENTRY
ChoiceMMed MD300K1
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Datex Ohmeda 510, enGuard CM5
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Spacelabs 90351-0/6, 90465 ( SpO2), 90466 ( SpO2), 90467 ( SpO2), 90489 ( SpO2), 90496 / 90369 / 90367 Ultraview ( SpO2), 90651A-08, 93300, IM77
Suntech all models including NIBP 247B
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Other different type for the N100,N200 Spo2 sensor

7pin adult soft tip spo2 sensor

7pin pediatric finger clip spo2 sensor

7pin pediatric soft tip spo2 sensor

7pin neonate wrap spo2 sensor

7pin Multilink Y type spo2 sensor

7pin ear clip spo2 sensor

7pin veterniary clip spo2 sensor



Working Condition:

A.Environment temperature: 5°C~40°C

B.Relative humidity: 0%-80%

C.Atmospheric pressure: 700-1060 hPa

D.Power: 5V( ±10%)

All kinds of Spo2 Sensors for different brands


Main technical parameters:

Main technical parameters
Emitting light waven length 660±5nm
Absorbed light wavelength 905±5nm or 940±5nm
SpO2 testing range 70%-100%
SpO2 testing precision ±1% in 90%~100%
±2% in 80%~89%
±3% in 70%~79%
Testing range of pulse velocity 30bpm~245bpm
Testing precision of pulse velocity 30bpm~59bpm,±1bpm
Working environment requirements
Environment temperature 5°C~40°C
Relative humidity ≤80%
Atmospheric pressure 700hPa~1060hPa



every pulse oximeter probes will be inspected to confirm it has good performance.

7 pin non-OXI short 0.9m  Spo2 sensor

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