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8pin Connector Sidestream ETCO2 Sensor CO2 Module LH800

8pin Connector Sidestream ETCO2 Sensor CO2 Module LH800

Sidestream ETCO2 Sensor

8pin Connector ETCO2 Sensor

50mL/min Sidestream CO2 Module

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Product Details
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1 Year
Instrument Classification:
Class II
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as discussed
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1pcs / box
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2-3 days
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T/T, Western Union
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1000pcs / week
Product Description

                               Sidestream ETCO2 Sensor LH800

Product Description

LH810 is an external plug and play sidestream co2 sensor. It does not occupy any host space and connects to host just with one eight-pin plug. LH800 features cutting-edge technology for measurement of instantaneous CO2 concentration, respiration rate, end-tidal CO2 concentration, inspired CO2 concentration, inspiration time and expiration time. It is generally used in patient monitor and anesthetic machine. With a sampling rate low to 50mL/min, it is ideal for use on adult, pediatric and infant patients; patients undergoing procedural sedation; and short- term monitoring of intubated patients. 

8pin Connector Sidestream ETCO2 Sensor CO2 Module LH800 0


Technical Specifications 

  • Transducer Type:                 LH800 Sidestream CO2 sensor
  • Sample Rate:                       50 mL/min, ±10mL/min.
  • Principle of Operation:         Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) single beam optics, dual wavelength, no moving parts
  • Initialization Time:

                                              Ø Capnogram displayed in less than 5 seconds

                                              Ø Reaching full specifications within 10 minutes.

  • CO2 Measure Range:

                                              Ø 0 - 114 mmHg

                                              Ø 0 - 15%

                                              Ø 0 - 15.2kPa

  • CO2 Resolution:

                                               Ø 0.1 mm Hg 0 to 50 mm Hg

                                               Ø 0.25 mm Hg 50 to 114 mm Hg

  • CO2 Accuracy:

                                               Ø 0 – 40 mmHg ±2 mmHg

                                               Ø 40 – 114 mmHg ±5% of reading

  • Respiratory Rate:

                                               Ø Range 2 to 120 Breaths Per Minute (BPM)

                                               Ø Accuracy ±1 breath

  • Calibration:

                                               No routine user calibration required

  • Compensation:

                                                Automatic Barometer Pressure 400 - 800 mmHg.

                                                User selectable O2 / N2O compensation.

  • Voltage Requirements:

                                                5.0 VDC ±5%

  • Power Consumption:

                                                Less than 1.5 Watts typical.

  • Temperature and Humidity:

                                                Operating: 0o to 40oC, 10 to 90% RH, non-condensing

                                                Storage: -40o to 70oC, <90% RH, non-condensing

  • Interconnection

Pin out:

1. VA 5.0V

2. Shield Shield

3. DGND Digital return

4. VSRC Unused

5. TxD Serial data from LH800

6. RxD Serial data from Host

7. AGND Analog return

8. SYNC Unused

  • Data Interface:

                                   Ø RS232, bi-directional, 19200 baud rate, standard N-8-1.

                                   Ø Fully compatible with Respironics LoFlo communication protocol

  • Data Output

                                   CO2 gas concentration (mm Hg), End-tidal CO2, Inspired CO2, Respiratory Rate, Automatic barometric                                        pressure compensation



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